I’m a firm believer in the power of strong coffee (but not too strong, because I’m actually a wimp when it comes to coffee), red-framed glasses, and barefoot walks no matter how many stubbed toes I’ve gotten and still not learned my lesson.

Truth: if there was one word to describe me it would be: idiosyncratic.

(Second truth: who uses that word? No one. So imagine this: quirky meets rockstar: I can sell an Eskimo ice as they say; I’ll make you laugh till your belly hurts, but all the while you’ll think ‘Wow, I’ve never met anyone quite like ‘Blair Pettrey’)

I am Blair (Pettrey). I utilize my expertise in inbound marketing, sales enablement, social media marketing, graphic design, and web design to partner with, lead, and develop solutions for companies to build their businesses and increase their revenue.

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